My vision

The merge of both figurative art and contemporary sensitivities
allowing for the fusion of sensual traditional forms with
expressive (brush) strokes rhythm.


How it all started

It was summer, up in the Lebanese mountains. I was 3 years-old
while spending the warm season at my grand-mother’s house.
What I’ve experienced there would define the course of
my life forever.

I remember I was seated onto the kitchen’s stoop when I heard
hoofbeats. I turned to see what it was. And there I saw it:
a magnificent white horse with a rider. The horse’s mane
and tail, waving through the
warm breeze. I was mesmerized.

When they went out of sight, I ran into the house, and took a piece
of paper and a pencil. That day, I drew my first horse. That same
excitement has been haunting me since this day and has
outlined my path to become an artist and performing rider
in dressage and showjumping events.


Michel Tamer

The merge of both figurative art
and contemporary sensibilities

At age 19, Michel Tamer began his Major in Illustration at the Art Center College of Design,
in California. There he would study for 4 hard years. By 1976, after his graduation,
he moved to Europe to work in advertising. A field that suited him well. Indeed,
He founded his agency in 1998 and worked for the European market for 16 successful years.

During that period, he also followed his passion for teaching. In Paris he was able to teach
Communication and Art Fundamentals in many educational institutions
of Communication and Architecture.

Despite such a professional busy life, he always found time to paint,
draw and sculpt, leading him to his first art exhibition in Paris.

The time passed, but his artistic spirit prevailed. That’s why he decided to sell his advertising
agency in 2014, and devote himself fully to his art.

Recently, Michel has finished a large body of work which reflects on the Kalevala,
the Finnish mythology, and has started a new project related to legendary horses.

‘What characterizes my approach to art is my constant call into question
of my acquired skills. I have none inclination towards resting into my technical
draftsmanship laurels. Questioning how I look at things, allows me to understand
everything that surrounds me with novelty. That’s what I aim to do onto canvas.